Apex Wealth Management, LLC team members are 

(l. to r.)  Daryl D. Jones, Kimberly Owens, Amara Latorre and Ken Patton


Wealth creation and preservation is our primary focus.  Without proper planning and periodic monitoring, wealth can be eroded by inflation, taxes, and the negative economic impacts of social, political, and natural events.

Our Goals:

  • Help improve your standard of living
  • Help maximize your wealth
  • Help prepare for your retirement
  • Help preserve your estate

Financial products serve as a medium to help you realize your objectives.  An investment vehicle should be selected only after you have conducted an investigation of your goals and an analysis of how you can best achieve them.

Understanding how to position yourself in the marketplace requires that you understand the impact of volatility, price fluctuation and personal risk tolerance on your financial objectives and investment portfolio.   The selection of a product should be the last part of your planning process - not the first.

Our guiding philosophy at Apex Wealth Management is to treat our clients' finances as we would treat our own.  Together we can help identify your goals, analyze your profile, assess your needs, establish a plan of action, then manage the plan.  We feel a moral and professional obligation to serve those who want assistance, regardless of income or net worth, and would welcome the opportunity to earn your business.




What's New!



A Living Trust Primer

Even though living trusts are frequently marketed to retiree or pre-retirees, there is still some confusion about what they are designed to do. This explains what a living trust is and reasons to consider creating one.

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Estate Strategies- Critical Elements of an Estate Plan

With proper strategies, you may be able to maximize your opportunities and help manage stress and confusion for your loved ones. 

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Tips That May Help You Keep Your Electronic Financial Data Secure

Data breaches and Cyberattacks are a growing threat.  Here are some tips that may help you better protect your electronic financial infomation.

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7 Principles of Long-Term Investing

Here are some important facts about long-term investing.  Investing provides you the opportunity to pursue your financial goals and to shape your own future.

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“$ymbil is a dynamic online investment adviser platform that assesses your risk profile and recommends a risk-appropriate managed portfolio.  In only a few minutes, you'll be invested in a diversified portfolio, based on your objectives, and on your way to long-term saving and investing. All online, simple, and seamless. The portfolios available through $ymbil are actively managed by experienced investment professionals and tactically adjusted based on changes in the market.”

To learn more and start investing click the $ymbil logo above.  Once you are invested you can establish online account access as well as access through the $ymbil app.

If you would like to watch a short video on how $ymbil works click here.



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