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How is Apex Wealth Management, LLC different from other financial planning firms?

Apex Wealth Management, LLC is an independent financial advisory firm. We are not owned by an insurance company, bank, brokerage firm or any other financial services company. In addition, we do not have an ownership stake in any such company. We do not have proprietary products to sell, nor are we under any pressure to reach monthly, quarterly or annual sales quotas the way many advisors are.

Our firm has been built 100% on relationship marketing. We do not mass market -- no mass mailings, no cold calls, and no seminars to the public. We have not had the need to implement what we feel are predatory or pursuit marketing tactics. Our clients come to us through favorable introductions from other clients and other centers of influence such as certified public accountants and attorneys. Not having to spend our time marketing allows us to spend more time meeting with, advising and servicing our existing client base.

What is the business background of the advisors?

We are financial problem solvers with highly technical backgrounds and extensive experience. We are not sales people. When you visit our office, you will not see trophies on the shelves or plaques on the wall showing all of the sales contests we have won. While being a good salesman doesn't necessarily mean you are a bad advisor, it most certainly doesn't guarantee you are a good one.

What is your investment minimum?

You do not need a certain net worth or earn a certain level of income and we do not require any minimum level of investment in order to work with us. We are in the business of helping people with their financial concerns and needs. That being said, we certainly cannot be all things to all people. Our clients have three basic characteristics. If you possess all three, you will be very happy with the advice and service you will receive from us. If not, we will probably not be a good fit for you. These three characteristics are:

  • You have a financial need with which we can assist.
  • You value professional advice and personal service.
  • You have the resources to pay for the advice and/or implement the strategy we design.

What is the size of your client base?

We maintain our client base at a size that allows us to excel in client service and accessibility.

How are you compensated?

We have the ability to work on a commission or fee basis. We can also bill by the hour or by the project. While a fee based on a percentage of assets can make sense in many situations, and while it is the industry trend, it is certainly not always what's best for the client. Regardless of the fee structure, our clients will always know up front the basis of our fees. Our compensation will be just and fair.

What should I expect of you if I decide to use your services?

We spend a great deal of time educating our clients and trying to dig down deep to understand their real underlying financial concerns and issues. Because we do not have sales quotas to hit, and because we are not sales oriented but advice oriented, we do not put pressure on our clients to make rapid decisions. In many cases, there are many viable solutions to achieve a financial goal or solve a need. Our challenge is to boil these options down to the two or three that we feel are the most suitable for our clients based on our extensive fact finding process. We then provide objective guidance and advice to help our clients make the decision that is the best one for their unique situation and set of circumstances.

May I select the advisors with whom I work?

We consider all clients to be "clients of the firm," with the right to draw on all our resources. Each client has at least two contacts, including at least one principal of the firm. We make every effort to accommodate client requests in all areas of wealth management.

Can you help me with my taxes or legal documents?

Although tax and legal considerations are addressed in all of our analysis, we do not directly prepare tax returns or legal documents. After becoming familiar with your financial needs and goals, we routinely coordinate implementation of recommendations, alternatives and strategies with your CPA and attorney.

Do you accept clients who live outside of Florida?

Yes. Although the majority of our business is with Florida residents, we do service clients in other states.

How much do you charge for an initial consultation?

We do not charge for an initial consultation. To learn more about how we operate and to gain a better understanding and get more details on the products and services we offer, give us a call or contact us via email and set up a personal appointment to meet with us in our office. We assure you it will be time well spent. Regardless if you move forward and become a client, you will certainly learn something during the process and we will have met a new friend.

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